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I have always loved this quote by Tori Amos –

“I know I’m an acquired taste, I’m anchovies, and not everyone likes those hairy little things, if I was potato chips, I could go more places”.

Hi, I’m Jenni.

There has always been a dream in my heart to run my own business – I don’t know whether I thought it would be glamorous or what I was after was freedom.

I did know it would be design related. The vision has always been strong – fashion, accessories & homewares – now…where to start?

Life lessons are interesting – we all crave that sense of belonging – to be part of a pack, however we strive to stand out from the crowd! I have learnt that the greatest challenge we will have in life will be with our selves – with our mindset. We become the labels we create ourselves.

Looking back, I so desperately wanted to “fit in” I was trying to make myself into another person in the hope I would be liked better than the version of me. I continued to chip away at myself, at my creative pursuits, at my body and even my mothering. I was lost in the expectations of others and so unsure of ME.

Ever noticed that we don’t always get what we want in life – we get WHO we ARE. We CAN actually change our lives when we are prepared to discover the best version of ourselves, shift what we think….say…..and our actions.

1964thelabel was inspired by me finding me.

1964 is the year of the dragon – the year I was born. A generic number to most, yet as I become more settled in my ‘anchovy’ skin, I am now proud to be building my lifestyle business that I had dreamed of 30 years ago.

thelabel - is a reference to the labels we place on ourselves as we travel this journey of life. They can build our confidence or can eat us away. 

I encourage you to travel (my conversation with our son is that you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself), stretch yourself beyond your comforts, be open to learning and open to new opportunities and find a piece of JOY…e v e r y d a y.

Welcome - this is the beginning of my journey, may you be inspired to follow your own dream.


Wishing for you all, a life filled with riches, whatever you would like them to be.


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